6 Notable Players From Detroit Lions Training Camp Brawl At Ford Field

The Detroit Lions They held their annual melee training at Ford Field on Saturday morning, and the energy in the building was appreciable. According to the team, an estimated 18,000 people showed up at Lions Stadium, the most at the event since 2015 — the year after Detroit’s last 11-win season.

In general, today he preferred attacking, but the exercise was also very skewed to help this side of the ball. Several captains started in midfield or nearby, and the first team offense regularly bumped into reserve players and potential coaching staff.

However, several players on both sides of the ball put in great performances. Here are the six that stand out to me the most.

DJ Share

Without a doubt, Share was the biggest star of that day. I dropped it for four catches, 76 yards, and two touchdowns during a melee. Continuing to be a big machine, it looks especially impressive when it comes to contested catches. Coverage at a few receptions on Saturday was good, but Shark’s focus and ball skills were on display throughout the camp.

“I’ll just say it was given by God because it’s something I’ve always had a talent for,” Chark said of his tracing skills. “Running, being able to use speed to locate the ball, I also think there’s a lot of hand-eye coordination. I do a lot of things to just work on my hand-eye coordination. And being able to adapt to speed. Speed ​​up or slow down and control the body. So I think that All of these things go into it.”

Chark finished off the drill with an amazing 33-yard diving catch to win the day to attack during a two-minute drill.

Jared Goff

This is an impressive baseline, although it does require a few caveats. For example, the Lions’ first team attack will often line up against the second and third team’s defenses. Secondly, the large number of landings is the result of a good field situation. Two of those touchdowns came on drives that started on the opponent’s 25-yard line, one started at the 50-yard line, but that final throw to Chark was on the drive that started at his 27-yard line.

However, there is something to be said about Gauff’s confidence, particularly in terms of pushing the ball down. He has more confidence in himself and more confidence in his teammates than I’ve ever seen last season.

Austin Bryant

Bryant remains a crippling threat to the defense. I’ve landed Bryant on the losing face, a sack, and at least one extra squeeze. Several of his plays came against the first team attack as well. With Julian Okwara, Romeo Okwara and Josh Paschal all wasting time right now, nobody benefits more than Bryant.

Aidan Hutchinson

Hutchinson had never had a monster, but I had two notes that show exactly what the Lions thought they would get in the second general selection.

At first, the Lions turned on a screen and Hutchinson climbed so fast, that he nearly stopped the play in its tracks. Eventually he got to know the screen and was able to hustle the court and do a running back tackle before his first descent.

Then, during a two-minute first-team drill, Hutchinson stabbed into the backcourt, causing an out-of-goal throw from Hove. It should be a formidable weapon for Lions during the defensive end of the break.

Eric Banks

Today’s biggest surprise performance came from banks – last year’s mid-season addition. Banks is also seeing an increase in playing time due to his teammates’ injuries, and Saturday was all over the place. He met Germar Jefferson in the background for a 5-yard loss. He forced both of them not to complete and later handed a punitive penalty to Penei Sewell in practice. And he had a direct ejection against the first team’s attack.

This was an outstanding performance from Banks, and if he can continue that momentum into the next week of training and throughout pre-season, there could be a place on the coaching staff (or more) for him.

Austin Seibert

You may remember that last year’s family festival was an alarming sign of a lion’s attitude. Let me flash your memory for our 2021 notes post.

Kickers were once again in disarray from a distance. Randy Bullock missed 50 yards and 54 yards wide on the left, while Matthew Wright missed 50 yards to the right and failed on his 54 yard attempt.

Well, Austin Seibert is here to make those memories a thing of the past. Seibert was a perfect 6-for-6, with marks of (roughly) 41, 41, 44, 50, 54 and 62. Those bounced 62 yards off the bar and into it.

Cyber ​​obviously has a stronger leg than Riley Patterson, but earlier in the camp he struggled steadily. Having said that, he was the best hitter on Saturday, as Patterson’s lack of power – missing from 54 and was shorter at 61 – proved to be a problem with long-distance kicks.